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Make More Money From Your Box Without Working More Hours

Learn How To:

  • Take profits from the business without hurting the business
  • Take a step by step approach to crafting a cashflow system
  • Get a lot closer to that freedom you've always wanted since you started your box

The Box Profit Bootcamp is an online video study course that you do at your own pace that coaches you through creating your own cashflow system so you will know where your money is actually going and have control over where it goes.

If you don’t get $3,000 of value from this we will refund your money (see our guarantee below) The same format and structure we use with our one on one clients is now available to you at this more affordable price.

“I've saved so much money this year now that I’m set up right and focusing on my cashflow. I'm actually running a business now instead of just being the guy who owns the box.” - John Jaudines, WADBOD CrossFit


Not Sure Where Your Money Problems Come From?

Our Bootcamp helps you identify where your money problems REALLY are and it’s not where you might think.

One of the biggest “money” problems affiliate owners have is that they make like $2 an hour for the time they put in the business.  

That low hourly rate though is just a symptom like a cough to a cold.  The $2 an hour is because of the real problem.

Cash Flow.

Getting a grip on your cash flow can be the single most impactful action you ever take with your box.

Our Bootcamp walks you through step by step how to judge each and every one of your expenses.  Then with that freed up cash flow, our bootcamp helps you decide the best place to put it.

You have no risk in this.  

If you feel like you don’t get $3,000 of value out of this, I’ll refund your money.

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What Affiliate Owners Have to Say About this System

"I run a gym to help out people with their health and fitness. I am far better off in my Box when my tax situation is running smoothly and I’m keeping as much money as possible. One of the best things I’ve done is decided to have Incite Tax coach me along and help me improve my financial situation. They’ve provided so much business advice and tax strategies that allow me to focus more on my gym and members because I know they are taking care of my financial situation."

Jason Aucoin

"I've saved so much money this year now that I’m set up right and focusing on my cashflow. I'm actually running a business now instead of just being the guy who owns the box. This system gives me a well-rounded financial platform for my business. Whether I’ll owe tax or not, I’ll have the systems in place and money set aside to pay the taxes. I don’t have to stress about covering bills because the system is working for me now. Working with them has made this side of business a lot more exciting."

John Juadines

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How to Grow Your Take Home Pay 500%

Jason Fernandez - CrossFit Rife

Before starting Profit First, how much were you paying yourself?

Before Profit First the most I ever paid myself was about $12k.  I treated the gym as supplemental income.  That mindset lead to mediocre results

Before starting Profit First, how stressed were you about your tax liability?  

I was never prepared for tax season.  I dreaded what I was going to owe because I wasn't sure what that figure would be or how I was going to pay it.  

Before starting Profit First, was your business running profitably or at a loss?  

We ran at a loss for 5 consecutive years.......


What specific benefits have you seen from using the Profit First model?

We went from 0 to 10% profit after expenses in less than a year.  My owner pay went up 500% and we have dedicated budgets for equipment, continuing education, marketing retail and I can pay taxes right now with now stress

What has been your biggest take away so far?

It wasn't that we didn't have enough revenue before, we didn't know what to do with the revenue.  No we do and we have big plans for the next 3-5 years.

Why would a fellow box owner want Profit First?

If a gym owner wants to relieve themselves of the financial stress of operating a business, Profit First will help you get your revenue organized and accounted for.  It only improves your service to your clients and creates a business that serves you so you aren't a slave to the thing you love.


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If you still are unsure…let me take the risk. I want you to be profitable and I know what I teach in the Box Profit Bootcamp gets you there.

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Your decision to purchase is absolutely backed by our better than money back guarantee. If after going through the full Box Profit Bootcamp Course and you do not feel you have received $3,000 worth of value contact us with your written notice and we will send you a full refund for the course. You can keep the downloads and tools the course provides even if we refund your money. No questions asked.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

How much time will this take? +

Totally depends on you.  This is an online video study course.  You can watch the videos as fast as you want.  There are definitely action items that you will want to be doing as you learn new things so if you procrastinate crap or are on the ball will directly impact how fast you can get this cash flow management system in place.  The course was designed to be digested in small increments so each video is on average about 12 minutes.  If all you did was work on the modules and do the action items, you could have a cash flow management system in place within a couple days.


How do I get the most out of this course? +

Just like I preplan which crossfit classes I am going to attend, you will want to preplan and schedule out time to watch the videos.  Then once you finish the video and learn the action items, you will want to schedule out time to do the action items.  The videos get straight to the point, so as long as you are focused while watching and dedicated to putting this cash flow system in place, you will get the most out of the bootcamp.

Will this really make that much of a difference? +

Maybe.  The courses are a summary of the tens of thousands of hours we’ve spent teaching profitability and cash flow strategies to business owners. There is a high likelihood you are going to find lots of golden nuggets.  You can read what some have said about us on this web page and the good they have had from working with us.  In the bootcamp, we also talk about another one of our box owner clients that we helped identify $68,000 of annual expenses that were not needed.  So what you will learn has made a difference for them.  It should make a difference for you too.


Why should I care about getting this Box Profit Bootcamp? +

The bootcamp isn’t going to be for everyone.  For the affiliate that thinks they should be taking home more money; for the affiliate that is stressed about what they will owe for income taxes; for the affiliate that stresses about paying coaches and staff every month; for the affiliate that thinks the only way to make more money is to just add more members; for the affiliate that is willing to put in the effort for improvement ….our Box Profit Bootcamp can solve those problems.   So if you have those problems or similar ones, you should care about this.

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